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Rebellious and frustrated while stuck at home with his mother and sister during the global pandemic, young Jordan desperately wants to get out. Even worse, his father has disappeared while searching for the cure for the pandemic – where could he go, and what happened to him? – and Jordan can’t help but feel as if the whole world has conspired to make his life a misery. There’s just one thing that brings him comfort now, the only thing that reminds him of the old, normal life: playing a virtual reality game called Mirror Mash with his favorite cousin, Victor.


However, things get from bad to worse when a storm traps him and Victor inside the game. How is it even possible? They don’t know the answer, but they do know that they have to navigate their way through the mirror and figure out how to get back home.


But can two boys survive in a world so different – and far more dangerous – than their own, or will they stay trapped in the virtual reality forever?

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