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Our Latest Adventures

- New Hard Cover Release -

Princess Cali Reign is a brave two-year old girl who must learn how to use the potty. Will she overcome her potty training fears? We will find out soon!

Rebellious and frustrated while stuck at home with his mother and sister during the global pandemic, young Jordan desperately wants to get out. 

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- New e-Book Release -

About Almitee Works

Almitee Works is a blessing birthed during a global pandemic - established to uplift children through literature and related content, with themes primarily centered on kindness, courage, bravery, family and persistence. 


The unique range of content created by Almitee Works is designed to be relatable, even in the most imaginative stories. The ultimate goal is for children and their adults to see themselves in every character. By seeing the characters overcome challenges, fears, and adversities, children will know they can too. 


Almitee Works is set to make strides in children’s literature, with three books being released in 2021 and much more content to come thereafter! 

Princess Cali Reign Story time
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